What is the #DoMore movement?

Do you ever get that restless feeling inside of yourself that just makes you want to do something new and exciting? Do you ever wake up and tell yourself that you want your life to be a life that’s adventurous and filled with great memories? Do you want to live – I mean really live? If you said yes to any of the previous questions, then you’ve already taken your first step to becoming a part of the #DoMore movement, my bru.

Discover, experience, & enjoy. Empowering the people in our city.

Whether you’re into fun in the sun, drinks with your friends, or chilled out weekend missions through the city, there’s something for you here.

The #DoMore movement is bigger than just MyBru App, in fact it’s a movement even bigger than you and I. The #DoMore movement is a lifestyle choice started to empower the people in our city, giving them the chance to go out there and discover, experience, & enjoy. The #DoMore movement is about making more memories, meeting new friends, and experiencing more of life whenever you have that feeling.

We developed MyBru App to be the platform and tool to present the opportunities for people in our city to do more – a way for them to see what Cape Town has to add to their lifestyle – a way for them to be a part of something more.

The #DoMore movement is a legacy on its own – a lifestyle for the people who live to experience. MyBru App is just the tool.

#DoMore with MyBru App, and live the life you deserve to live. Become part of the growing movement and use MyBru App to discover new places, experience new things, & enjoy our beautiful city. We will be making sure to add more value this year with some guides, reviews, competitions, and events.

Tag @mybruapp in your experiences with the #DoMore hashtag, and let’s all share in the excitement.

Download MyBru on the AppStore or PlayStore now!  

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