MyBru App x Primal Eatery – Exclusive Special

We’re excited to announce our exclusive special 🔥🥩 with our friends over at Primal Eatery – where the team is family, the food is sexy, and the drinks will make you stay for far longer than you intended to 😉

kxl content-1809

Kalvin Sutherland (our creative director 🎨) along with Rebecca Vogel (our in-house photographer 📸) took the opportunity to visit Primal and be the first to see our exclusive 3 course special exit the kitchen.

kxl content-1512

By incorporating an element of fire, innovative cooking techniques, and creative food styling, power-couple Brynn and Kristina have transformed the concept of family and food into the ‘not so average’ steakhouse Primal Eatery is today (but don’t let them hear you say steakouse, as they much prefer the term ‘meatery’ 🥩 – and rightfully so 😉).

kxl content-1680

“Absolute perfection, really. Executive Chef Ashraf is a culinary artist, and the dishes that he prepared were beautiful. I might have taken a bite or two of the dessert while Ky was taking photos… it was delicious 🤤” – Kalvin

kxl content-1890

To find out more about this delicious 3 course special and other great food specials in Cape Town, download MyBru App for FREE now  – Play Store Download | App Store Download

Photography by @imagerybykye

Primal Eatery: @primaleatery

MyBru App: @mybruapp


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