MyBru App x Mandela Day – In Support of 67 Local Causes

MyBru App will be paying it forward on #MandelaDay by dedicating space on our app to 67 local causes actively doing something in Cape Town.

On Wednesday, to make it easier for you to find and support causes making a difference, all pins under our ‘entertainment’ category will be solely dedicated to 67 causes doing something in support of #MandelaDay2018.

#MandelaDay is all about making a difference. Let’s start in our own Mother City, and support those already invested in making our beautiful country a better place.

We need your help in deciding which #MandelaDay causes are doing the most to make a difference. You can let us know by sending an email to, or you’re welcome to just DM us on Instagram (@mybruapp).

MyBru App is available to download for FREE  – Play Store Download | App Store Download

img mandela painted
Image by John-Paul Henry | @jphnry


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