[Press Release] Buyfresh | #PlusOneMore

[Press Release] Buyfresh | #PlusOneMore

To celebrate #MandelaDayBuyfresh.co.za is donating 67kgs of meat, #PlusOneMore kilogram for every order placed on our online shop in July to our NGO partners FoodForward SA. We estimate that this will help to feed over 700 people.

We would appreciate if you would help support this initiative by sharing this post, tagging friends and using the #PlusOneMore hashtag on social media. 🙏

To date, Buyfresh has donated over 100kgs of meat, which we estimate has helped to feed over 1 000 people. Let’s continue to keep making a difference together. 🙌

Buyfresh is the most convenient way to order quality, affordable and ethically sourced meat and poultry products directly to your door. Delivery is FREE. 🛵📦🥩🤤


Buyfresh: @buyfresh.co.za

MyBru App: @mybruapp

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MyBru App x Primal Eatery – Exclusive Special

MyBru App x Primal Eatery – Exclusive Special

We’re excited to announce our exclusive special 🔥🥩 with our friends over at Primal Eatery – where the team is family, the food is sexy, and the drinks will make you stay for far longer than you intended to 😉

kxl content-1809

Kalvin Sutherland (our creative director 🎨) along with Rebecca Vogel (our in-house photographer 📸) took the opportunity to visit Primal and be the first to see our exclusive 3 course special exit the kitchen.

kxl content-1512

By incorporating an element of fire, innovative cooking techniques, and creative food styling, power-couple Brynn and Kristina have transformed the concept of family and food into the ‘not so average’ steakhouse Primal Eatery is today (but don’t let them hear you say steakouse, as they much prefer the term ‘meatery’ 🥩 – and rightfully so 😉).

kxl content-1680

“Absolute perfection, really. Executive Chef Ashraf is a culinary artist, and the dishes that he prepared were beautiful. I might have taken a bite or two of the dessert while Ky was taking photos… it was delicious 🤤” – Kalvin

kxl content-1890

To find out more about this delicious 3 course special and other great food specials in Cape Town, download MyBru App for FREE now  – Play Store Download | App Store Download

Photography by @imagerybykye

Primal Eatery: @primaleatery

MyBru App: @mybruapp


5 reasons why ‘MyBru App’ is the only app you need to enjoy Cape Town!

5 reasons why ‘MyBru App’ is the only app you need to enjoy Cape Town!

It is safe to say that MyBru App has earned its place as one of Cape Town’s top trending lifestyle apps – with over 2000 downloads and growing steadily; but what really sets the app apart from its competitors, and why is MyBru App the only app you need to enjoy great specials in Cape Town?

1. Proudly Local, my bru – everything from our name, down to our young Capetonian founders is proudly local. You can’t not support local, right? 😉

hero image 3 - 5 reasons

2. We’re not going to cost you – our app is FREE to download and FREE to use. That’s right – you can download MyBru from the Play Store or App Store now, and start finding specials near you absolutely free!

3. We’ve got you covered – everything you could possibly want, right in one place – whether you’re looking for half-price sushi in Cape Town, which bars have the best happy-hour specials, SUMMER-SALES and the latest trends, or you’re just interested in Sunday markets, we have a category for you: choose between food, drinks, retail, and entertainment specials in your area and do more.

hero image 4 - 5 reasons

4. Today, only – we’re only going to show you what’s happening today, so that you can waste less time finding the special that you want… and on that note,

5. MyBru App is UBER convenient – meaning we’ve integrated with UBER, so that you also waste less time getting to the special that you want.

hero image 2 - 5 reasons

You’re right, we might be biased… but you have to admit, we make some pretty good points though?

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What is the #DoMore movement?

What is the #DoMore movement?

Do you ever get that restless feeling inside of yourself that just makes you want to do something new and exciting? Do you ever wake up and tell yourself that you want your life to be a life that’s adventurous and filled with great memories? Do you want to live – I mean really live? If you said yes to any of the previous questions, then you’ve already taken your first step to becoming a part of the #DoMore movement, my bru.

Discover, experience, & enjoy. Empowering the people in our city.

Whether you’re into fun in the sun, drinks with your friends, or chilled out weekend missions through the city, there’s something for you here.

The #DoMore movement is bigger than just MyBru App, in fact it’s a movement even bigger than you and I. The #DoMore movement is a lifestyle choice started to empower the people in our city, giving them the chance to go out there and discover, experience, & enjoy. The #DoMore movement is about making more memories, meeting new friends, and experiencing more of life whenever you have that feeling.

We developed MyBru App to be the platform and tool to present the opportunities for people in our city to do more – a way for them to see what Cape Town has to add to their lifestyle – a way for them to be a part of something more.

The #DoMore movement is a legacy on its own – a lifestyle for the people who live to experience. MyBru App is just the tool.

#DoMore with MyBru App, and live the life you deserve to live. Become part of the growing movement and use MyBru App to discover new places, experience new things, & enjoy our beautiful city. We will be making sure to add more value this year with some guides, reviews, competitions, and events.

Tag @mybruapp in your experiences with the #DoMore hashtag, and let’s all share in the excitement.

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The BEST way to enjoy Cape Town!

The BEST way to enjoy Cape Town!

You ready to do more, my bru?

If you’re one of those people who want more out of life, then I’d suggest downloading MyBru App and becoming a part of the growing #DoMore movement. I mean, what better way to discover your city than one of Cape Town’s trending lifestyle apps which makes it all possible.

Download MyBru on the AppStore or PlayStore now!  

An app that let’s you find the best places to go and most exciting things to do is always a good idea; but an app that lets you do all that, and is still FREE to download and FREE to use is a fantastic idea! Join the thousands of Cape Town users enjoying some of the best specials Cape Town has to offer in food, drinks, retail, and entertainment.

Open the app, select a category, and enjoy from a map full of specials happening in your area right now! You can find out when, where, what, and even order an Uber right to where you need to be. Set up your notifications, and keep up to date with new specials on a daily basis. Share specials with friends, and enjoy them together.

From half-price sushi and happy hours, to summer sales and fun in the sun, MyBru App truly encompasses some of the greatest specials Cape Town is offering.

MyBru App launched November 2017, but the team is making every effort to bring you new and exciting specials every single day. Beat the #FOMO and make sure not to miss out on some of the best deals the Mother City has to offer.

There’s more to come.  

Exciting times! I think by now it’s pretty obvious that you have every reason to download and enjoy MyBru App, but it doesn’t end there – MyBru App will be making your life that much more exciting this year with some guides, reviews, competitions, and events. Keep your eyes open, join the blog, get social, and #DoMore.

What are you waiting for? 2018 is your year, so download MyBru App and make the most of it.

Official MyBru Top Picks for Valentine’s Day 2018

Official MyBru Top Picks for Valentine’s Day 2018

You’ve been sliding into those DMs all week, and now Valentine’s Day is finally here – and if you’re a true Cape Townian, then you’ve probably not planned it all that well. Don’t worry though, we thought ahead and put together a list of our top Valentine’s Day specials from the MyBru App to make sure your perfect day ends just the same, and with doing more.

So in no particular order, here’s the Official MyBru Top Picks for Valentine’s Day 2018:


Radisson RED | 11:00 – 23:00 | Waterfront

“The month of love is around the corner and it’s time to start planning your romantic Valentine’s dinner for that special someone. We at RED believe that the quickest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach at the first RED in Africa.”

On special for today is:

Burger & bubbles @ the OUI Bar | R450 per couple | 2 x burgers, 2 glasses of bubbles, 1 sweet boozy delight (Milkshake Dessert).

Pizza & bubbles on the RED Roof | R355 per couple | 1 x half/half pizza, 2 x glasses of bubbles, 1 sweet boozy delight (Milkshake Dessert).


Lou Lou’s Bar | 19:00 – 22:00 | Waterfront

Have a Spicy Valentines Evening at Lou Lou’s.

On special for today is:

La Carte Menu | R250 per person | Oak Valley Fillet Steak with Oven Roasted Potatoes or Argentinian Prawns with your side choice, and a glass of Boschendal Bubbly.


Hillcrest Quarry | 18:00 – 23:45 | Durbanville

Enjoy a romantic picnic under the stars in the spectacular Hillcrest Quarry.

You will be entertained on the evening by the renowned Gian Groen , Hezron Chetty and his groundbreaking violin performance & the Jake gun Duo. Nadia Verster, Mad Mouth Mike, and Doc John, are teaming up with Borderline to get you swaying and swooning under the stars.

Gates open at 18:00 – bring your picnic baskets but unfortunately no beverages may be permitted (this may be obtained at the onsite bar facility), blankets and camp chairs, and get cozy! Cash bar will be open and food will be on sale if packing a picnic isn’t your thing.

Picnic | R150 per couple, R80 per person, and kids under 13 are free


The Love Festival | 19:00 – 23:00 | Woodstock  

Basically, it’s a Book Club on steroids, a celebration to be enjoyed with ALL your loved ones! Free flowing VELVET ROPE MCC, Oysters, Chocolate Strawberries and all things we love to hate will be at your fingertips. Our resident DJ’s will bring in the night with beats to get you in the mood for a little fun.

The Love Festival | R200 per person | Bottomless Bubbly and Kinky Canapes that will get your tastebuds sparkling between 8pm and 10pm on the night.


This is just a handful of the specials we’ve put together for you on MyBru App, so if you’re looking for even more ways to make today special, then head over to the AppStore or PlayStore and download the our app for free! Make today one to remember.